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The Advantages of our PDF tool


An easy-to-use PDF tool

Whether you want to convert, modify, sign, compress, separate or merge your PDF document, just upload it and we'll take care of everything.

We keep your files secret!

One of our priorities is to preserve the anonymity of our customers' activities. For this, your files are kept on secure servers by us.

Compatible with all Computers

No matter what operating system you use (Mac OS, Windows, Linux), you can use our PDF tool without any problems.

The best PDF document quality

Whether you are editing or converting your PDF document, we will make sure that your PDF document is returned to you in the best possible quality.

Speed is our strength

Our PDF tool has been designed to meet your needs in just a few seconds, whether you want to compress, convert or separate a document it is almost instantaneous.

Instant download

Once the operation is finished on your document you will be able to download it instantly so it will be usable right away.


A complete PDF management tool, your best solution

For most of us, it is often complicated to touch a PDF document, either to modify it or to transform it into another document format, which is often a tedious and time consuming operation. Moreover, it is often necessary to register to a site or to download a software, which makes the task even longer. The PDF management tools at your disposal are often not well indicated and you don't always know how to use them.

At Best-PDF, we offer you our own PDF document management solution! Our goal is to provide you with an intuitive and fast solution that will allow you to modify, convert, merge, split and even compress your PDF documents in just a few clicks. With our tool you will be able to add textual or visual content and also make corrections to your PDF documents. Last but not least, we provide you with a signature solution that will allow you to sign all your PDF documents by creating your own signature in order to finalize your current processes.

What is

Best-PDF is a platform on which we offer all useful PDF tools to our users. On Best-PDF you can convert any kind of document format to PDF such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG or PNG. No matter how big your file is, you will be able to convert it to PDF. Moreover, the conversion of your document is instantaneous!

All our users will also be able to access our personal space where you will find all the PDF tools we offer. One of best-pdf.com's priorities is to offer you a secure personal space where you can put your PDF documents to consult and modify them at any time.

Stop thinking and use best-pdf.com!

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29.90€ per month to take advantage
of our unlimited services

Convert your documents into unlimited

Access your personal space to store your documents

Unlimited access to over 12,000 document templates

Customer Support Monday to Saturday 8AM to 8PM

* Following these 48 hours and without a cancellation on your part, your trial offer will become a subscription without commitment for an unlimited period of time billed at 29.90€ per month. .

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Frequently Asked Questions


To convert your document to PDF you will need to go to the converter corresponding to the format of your document. So if your file is in Word format you will have to go to our Word to PDF file converter. Once on the converter page, just follow the instructions!

The documents that you have already converted are stored for a while in your personal space. This allows you to find them if you need them again. To connect to your personal space, all you have to do is use the identifiers received by email when registering.

If you wish to connect to your personal space, you must go to the connection page of our site and use the identifiers which were sent to you by email when you registered.

If you converted your document to a PDF and you can't get it back, it's probably because you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download it for free please click here.

If Best PDF appears as a description on your account statement, it is because you have subscribed to our subscription offer. You can therefore benefit from all of our services without limitation. If you wish to cancel your Best PDF subscription you can go to the termination page (termination link) of our site.

To contact the Best PDF teams, you can go to our contact page or use the information below:


You can reach Best-PDF consultants from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm

Contact us directly

by phone
+44 2039369121
by Email

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